3kva Fivestar Pure Sinewave Hybrid Inverter – 24v

Original price was: R6,500.00.Current price is: R5,999.00.



Rated Power : 3000VA/3000W

DC Input : 24VDC ,116A

AC OUTOUT :230VAC , 50Hz,13.5A, 1c


AC Charger Mode:

AC Input :230AVC, 50 , 17.7A, 1c

DC Output; 27VDC ,10-60A

AC Output : 230vac ,50, 13A ,1c


Solar Charge Mode:

Rated Current : 60A

System Voltage :24VDC

Min. Solar Voltage :30VDC

Max. Solar Voltage :(VOC) : 105VDC


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