4.8kwh Ultra Energy Lithium ion Battery




Rated capacity Typical: 105 Ah
Minimum: 100 Ah
Mean operation voltage 48.0-49.5 V
Voltage at end of discharge 47 V
Charging voltage 51.6 V
Internal impedance (measured at AC
1kHz after 50% charge)
<30 mΩ
Standard continuous charge current 20A – 40A
Maximum continuous charge current 100A (controlled by BMS if comm. used)
Maximum continuous discharge current 100A
Operation temperature (at 60±25% R.H) Charge: 0~45 °C
Discharge: -20~55 °C
Storage temperature (at 60±25% R.H) less than 12 months: -10~35°C
less than 3 months: -10~45°C
less than 7 days: -20~65°C
Dimensions 442 x 480 x 221.5 mm
Weight 42kg (prismatic cells)
Volumetric specific energy 104Wh/L
Gravimetric specific energy 86 Wh/kg


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