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Handle electricity spikes with a 1.5C

  • DOD 90%
  • 1.5C Discharge
  • 10-year warranty
  • Compatible with most major brands

Product Description

One of the only 1.5C Discharge batteries available, a good sized battery that packs a big punch.

Why would you want a 1.5C discharge battery?

One of the problems with batteries that don’t have much discharge capacity is when under high temporary load the whole system trips.

If you are using your battery power during the evening or during load shedding you often want to use a kettle, microwave or turn on a pump. With a 1.5C discharge battery it will handle that spike in power.

This product has a decent size that can be paralleled to make a serious battery bank with high performance, great for commercial purposes as well as residential.


Additional information

Weight 50.88 kg
Dimensions 222.6 × 442 × 512 mm
Brand Greenrich
Storage Size 5kWh
Storage Type Lithium-ion
Ah 96.6Ah
DoD 90%
Volt Size 51.2V
Cycles 6000
Parallel Yes
BMS System Yes
Warranty 10 Years
Product type Battery


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